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Large-sized photocatalyst systems

Our company also produces large-sized photocatalyst systems to satisfy corresponding needs of pharmaceutical companies, factories, plants, animal facilities and sludge treatment companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide free trial service as well.

Product Features


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Renatech’s patented technology allows for on the fly maintenance without interrupting system operation.

What is the “vessel”?

Photocalyst deodorization device is built around a large set of photocalyst ceramic units exposed to ultraviolet lights and modular ceramic units unexposed to UV – this set called “vessel”. Usually, the module is installed at the front of a vessel, facing entrance and screening the rows of ceramic units exposed to UV lights behind it. The number of vessels is completely adjustable, depending on demands and conditions.


What is “unit box”?

Unit box is a structure that houses vessels. We offer unit boxes capable of housing up to 7 vessels, depending on odor strength and targeted air volume. 1 vessel is able to purify 2,500 cubic meters per 1 hour.

unit box-IMAGE

unit box1 unit box2

Product line up

Product line up

line up

Model Number of vessels Wind velocity Dimensions(mm)
QOL-U001-V205-1 1vessel 2,500mcubic meter per hour 975×2020×2114
QOL-U002-V205-2 2vessel 5,000mcubic meter per hour 1675×2020×2114
QOL-U003-V205-3 3vessel 7,500mcubic meter per hour 2375×2020×2114
QOL-U004-V205-4 4vessel 10,000mcubic meter per hour 3075×2020×2114
QOL-U005-V205-5 5vessel 12,500mcubic meter per hour 3775×2020×2114
QOL-U006-V205-6 6vessel 15,000mcubic meter per hour 4475×2020×2114
QOL-U007-V205-7 7vessel 17,500mcubic meter per hour 5175×2020×2114
Models are completely customizable, please contact us for further information.

“Build, Own & Maintain” rental system service.

Build Own & Maintain : BOM rental system service.

Traditionally, the most common material used for deodorizing purposes is activated carbon. Activated carbon absorption method is often utilized in large-scale deodorizing equipment. While activated carbon equipment have undeniably low initial cost value, the main drawback of this method of deodorizing is its’ very high running costs – the every year replacement of exhausted activated carbon is a costly matter. Photocatalyst deodorization method, on the other hand, has a significantly lower running cost value, since deodorization process relies on chemical reaction, rather than on absorption. Today, facing consequences of environmental pollution, industries and businesses’ responsibility for nature protection is becoming more and more important matter. However, not every company can allocate significant funds up-front to deal with environmental issues. To help you find a reasonable solution to this, we would like to offer your company our photocatalyst device rental system – BOM contract. BOM offers the benefits of fixed monthly rental payments + maintenance fees instead of paying sizable initial cost. We also provide a 10-year BOM deal that reduces the total cost of the our services by 60%! Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

rental system service

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